T412 – Preschool Curricular Approaches in Diverse and Inclusive Settings

2 Credit Hours

This course examines the history of and current research
base for quality education programs for preschool and
kindergarten children of diverse cultures, languages, and
economic and developmental backgrounds. The course
explores how teachers of three- to-five-year-old children can
promote the development of knowledge and skills of thinking
and symbolic representation in literacy, mathematics,
science, social studies, physical growth, and the fine arts.
Simultaneously, the course furthers the language as well
as conceptual thinking of all children, including ELLs and
bilingual children. The course examines the dynamics of
teachers and children in a variety of teaching and learning
philosophies. The course prepares future teachers to
promote the intellectual potential of children from English
speaking homes as well as ELLs and bilingual children.
Teacher candidates learn to use a range of strategies for
three- to five-year-olds within a variety of learning activities
such as dramatic play, group problem-solving, observation,
direct instruction, and Socratic discussions.

Programs that require this course: