T414 – Key Concepts in Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines for the Early Childhood Curriculum

2 Credit Hours


Teacher candidates examine a network of key concepts
in the disciplines of the sciences, mathematics, humanities,
and social sciences. This course provides a framework
for understanding the concepts, habits of mind, and skills
characteristic of professionals in each of the disciplines.
The goal of the course is to prepare teachers to 1) recognize
important “big ideas” in the disciplines, 2) become effective
in facilitating children’s emerging understandings and skills
in the various domains of thinking as these understandings
are cultivated in classroom life, and 3) design learning experiences
that are responsive to the learning needs of children
from diverse cultural and language backgrounds as well as
representing a range of special needs.
This course models the dynamics of a diverse and inclusive
learning community using a mixture of presentation
of ideas, concepts, and skills followed by discussion, activities,
hands-on investigations, and demonstrations of games,
materials, and technology supports for children’s learning:
normally developing, special needs, and English language

Programs that require this course: