T438 – Children with Special Needs and Diverse Abilities

2 Credit Hours

This course is designed for general education classroom
teacher candidates to provide an overview of the growth
and development of children with special needs and
diverse abilities, with a special focus on those children
classified as having learning disabilities. Candidates study
characteristics of various disabilities and find out where to go for more in-depth information on specific types of
special needs and related support services. Teacher candidates
consider the implications of various special needs
and diverse abilities in both self-contained and inclusive
settings, and in society more broadly. The course covers
referral, assessment, specific teaching methods including
assistive technologies and alternative communication systems,
collaboration among professionals, and partnership
with families. Teacher candidates study diverse cultural
perspectives on special needs and the place of multicultural
responsiveness in the development of Individual
Family Service Plans (IFSP’s), Individual Education Plans
(IEP’s), and inclusive classrooms. The course also details
pertinent legislation affecting the education of children
with special needs and diverse abilities

Programs that require this course: