T457 – Integrative Seminar: Classroom Management and Instructional Techniques in Diverse and Inclusive Settings II

2 Credit Hours

This course is the second part of a yearlong seminar
designed to accompany teacher candidates’ clinical experience
and student teaching in a kindergarten or primary
classroom. In this seminar, teacher candidates 1) complete
all requirements of student teaching; 2) develop a philosophy
for and skills in classroom management that are responsive
to children from diverse backgrounds; and 3) further
develop effective methods and instructional techniques
for all curriculum areas as they participate in student
teaching. Seminar (and tutorial) sessions support teacher
candidates with integrating theory and practice, refining
methods of teaching, deepening their understanding of
how to work effectively with children and families from
diverse backgrounds, reflecting on all aspects of professional
teaching practice, and developing further goals for
professional development.

Programs that require this course: