Who is this certificate for?

Working with infants and families in the context of their culture and community is the hallmark of the infant and family field. Erikson’s infant specialist certificate program provides you with the knowledge you need for the complex role of infant/family specialist.

If you have a particular passion for work with infants, toddlers, and their families, there has never been a better time to pursue infant studies. New research has greatly increased our knowledge of infant, toddler, and family development, while federal legislation and state initiatives are creating a greater demand for service providers with expertise in this area.

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Choose a specialization

You can take your study even deeper by adding a specialization.

Infant/toddler child care

To specialize in infant/toddler early care and education, you will customize your internship and add the following course to the core certificate program courses listed at the bottom of this page:

Prevention/Early Intervention

To specialize in prevention/early intervention, you will customize your internship and add the following two courses to the core certificate program courses listed at the bottom of this page:

Early Intervention credential

To meet the requirements for credentialing as an early intervention specialist in developmental therapy in the State of Illinois, you must meet the requirements for the prevention/early intervention specialization described above, as well as complete an internship under a developmental therapist in Part C Early Intervention services.


The certificate requires a yearlong internship tied to your area of specialization. The internship involves 10 hours a week of directed field experience, supported with individual supervision and a reflective seminar. The internship is completed at your current job.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

This program is designated as a Gainful Employment program for the purposes of federal student financial aid eligibility. Gainful Employment details

Online infant specialist courses

Online offering: Several courses from the Infant Specialist Certificate Program are available online for academic or professional development credit.

Course Work

Program Director: Linda Gilkerson PH.D.
Program Manager: Jennifer Kemp Berchtold

Core Courses:

Specialization Courses: