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In the past two decades, research and new theoretical frameworks have greatly expanded our knowledge and understanding of infancy and its importance. Recent legislation and policy initiatives have created an enormous demand for services for infants and their families.

The infancy specialization prepares professionals for the complex role of the infant/family specialist. As part of the Irving B. Harris Infant Studies Program, this specialization will give you the tools to work with infants and families in the context of their community. The program offers two separate methods tracks: prevention/early intervention or child care.

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Early Intervention credential

You may work toward a State of Illinois Early Intervention credential through this program. The course work in the prevention/early intervention methods track, coupled with an internship in an early intervention site, prepares you to apply for this credential.

Infancy & Administration Specialization

Looking for more leadership and organizational expertise? This specialization can be combined with the Administration Specialization.


To earn the infancy specialization, you will complete the child development core curriculum, excluding C413 Adult Education and Supervision and adding five specialization courses. You will also complete an internship in a setting that serves infants and their families.


If you seek credentialing in early intervention, you will need to complete an internship at an early intervention or diagnostic site. You and the director of the infant studies program will discuss the requirements for credentialing. To complete an internship in an early intervention site, you must be available during the daytime, Mondays through Fridays, during your internship year.

Course Work

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Core Courses:

Specialization Courses:

Assessment Elective Courses: