Who is this degree for?

The demand for early childhood teachers with bilingual and/or English as a second language expertise has never been higher, and it continues to grow.

This program, unique in Illinois, responds to the urgent need for more early childhood teachers who can effectively meet the special needs of new language learners in a culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate manner.

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Bilingual/ESL endorsement

This specialization will enable teacher candidates to add the bilingual and/or ESL endorsement through the Illinois State Board of Education.

Bilingual approval typically allows an early childhood teacher to instruct young children in their native language and English. English as a second language (ESL) approval typically prepares monolingual early childhood teachers to effectively instruct new language learners in English.


To complete this specialization, you take two courses in addition to the core curriculum for the teacher licensure program and substitute two bilingual/ESL courses for courses in the standard curriculum. The internship and tutorials focus on teaching in multilingual preschools and classrooms.

For a full description of the teacher preparation program requirements, see M.S. in Early Childhood Education Leading to Teaching License

Course Work

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Prerequisite Courses:

Core Courses:

Specialization Courses: