Erikson requires that students enrolled in an on-campus master’s degree or
graduate certificate program have minimum basic coverage for accidental
injury and/or sickness. You can meet this requirement at the beginning
of each academic year by:

  1. providing proof of health insurance coverage and completing a health insurance waiver form online; or
  2. enrolling in the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan offered through United Healthcare.

Student Injury & Sickness Insurance Plan through United Healthcare

If you do not provide proof of health insurance coverage, you will be automatically enrolled in the plan offered through United Healthcare and you will be billed for the plan premium through your Erikson student account.

If you choose to enroll in this plan, you may also insure your dependents on a voluntary basis. Eligible dependents are the spouse and unmarried children (under 19 years of age or 23 if a full-time student in an accredited school) who are financially dependent upon you, the insured student. Plan costs are detailed below.

Plan Costs Annual Fall/


$1,129 $821


$3,534 $2,567

Each child

$2,249 $1,634

Download the policy brochure for the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan [PDF, 38pg] for a detailed description of the plan’s benefits and exclusions. Please note that Erikson does not administer or in any way represent the health insurance plan offered by United Healthcare. You are strongly advised to review the terms and supplement this policy with other coverage if additional or different coverage is needed.

International students

International students who are in F-1 status are subject to the health insurance requirement as a condition of their F-1 status. F-1 students may choose to enroll in the above plan offered by United Healthcare or provide proof of comparable coverage through a different provider.

For more information on the health insurance and other requirements for international students, visit our page for international students