Safety, Security, & Emergencies

Erikson Institute is committed to promoting the safety of all members of its campus community, including staff, students, and visitors. Toward this end, we are providing the following information to all constituents, so that they may become familiar with Erikson’s policies and procedures related to public safety and security.

Annual Security Report 2015

This Annual Security Report includes information concerning current policies and procedures for campus security in compliance with the Clery Act of 1998. These policies and procedures cover important topics such as reporting criminal activity, responding to emergencies, and communicating potential threats to the safety of the campus community. It describes procedures related to access to campus and security awareness. It also includes policies and procedures regarding harassment, including sexual harassment and the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances. The report presents crime statistics for the preceding five calendar years. We also provide consumer information about community resources related to promoting the safety of individuals, including resources for drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

Fire and Life Safety Manual

The Fire and Life Safety Manual describes emergency procedures related to safety and life-threatening events on Erikson’s campus, such as fire, bomb threats, severe weather, nuclear threats, evacuations, and other serious events.

Emergency Procedures Quick Reference

This is a one-page summary of the emergency procedures described in the Fire and Life Safety Manual above. It also includes floor plans for floors two, three, and four, showing evacuation routes.

Tips on Public Safety

This document offers practical advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime.