In a diverse range of Chicago public schools from the Near North to the South Side, we’re partnering with principals and teachers to transform the educational experiences of young children.

John J. Audubon Elementary School

Principal: Kenneth Anthony Fitzner
Location: 3500 N. Hoyne Ave.
Student demographics: 56% White, 30% Latino

Catalyst Charter Schools, Circle Rock Campus

Principal: Ayanna Mitchell
Location: 5608 W. Washington Blvd.
Student demographics: 89% African American, 11% Other

Catalyst Charter Schools, Howland Campus

Principal: Gwen Burrel
Location: 1616 S. Spaulding Ave.
Student demographics: 99% African American, 1% Latino

Catalyst Charter Schools, Maria Campus

Principal: Dawn Sandoval
Location: 6727 S. California Ave.
Student demographics: 46% Latino, 45% African American

Oscar DePriest Elementary School

Principal: Minnie Lee Watson
Location: 139 S. Parkside Ave.
Student demographics: 94% African American, 4% Latino

Edward K. Ellington Elementary School

Principal: Shirley Marie Scott
Location: 243 N. Parkside Ave.
Student demographics: 95% African American, 4% Latino

Erie Elementary Charter School

Principal: Velia Soto
Location: 1405 N. Washtenaw Ave.
Student demographics: 76% Latino, 19% African American

Goethe Elementary School

Principal: Barbara Kargas
Location: 2236 N. Rockwell St.

William H. Prescott Elementary School

Principal: Erin Roche
Location: 1632 W. Wrightwood Ave.
Student demographics: 45% Hispanic, 32% White