Alumni Class Notes, Fall 2014

Terry Cunningham Beem, M.Ed. ’73, writes that she is enjoying working part time as a program coordinator at Family Network in Highland Park and being grandma to Jasper Beem, who is almost two years old. “I am rediscovering everything I learned at Erikson, and as a teacher, educational therapist, and parent — and loving it!” she says. “I try to attend Erikson events when I can, and am still involved with the Illinois Association for Infant Mental Health, a wonderful organization which has many Erikson graduates on its board and in its membership, and which continues to champion the Erikson approach to children, families, and communities.”

Patsy Cooper, M.Ed. ’81, is an associate professor of early childhood education at Queens College, City University of New York. She is the author of The Classrooms All Young Children Need: Lessons in Teaching from Vivian Paley (University of Chicago, 2009) and editor of the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education.

Rebecca Gonzalez, M.S. ’09, recently opened Bucktown Academy, a half-day pre-kindergarten program in Chicago for children ages three through five.

Nena Bush, M.S. ’11, was recently awarded tenure with City Colleges of Chicago. She is on the child development faculty at Truman College.

Julian Ho, M.S. ’11, recently accepted a position at The Family Center in Brooklyn, working as a service coordinator for substance-abusing, HIV-positive women. He married Rachel Graham on February 2 in Bristol, Rhode Island, and was featured in a New York Times article about couples who married on Super Bowl Sunday.

Iris Overstreet-Strupp, M.S. ’11, was named the executive director of Duncan Kids Academy in Chicago’s West Loop.

Valerie Keim, M.S. ’12, works for the Maricopa County Education Service Agency in Arizona as a research data analyst/grants development manager. She is a member of the Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition of Arizona.

Justin Nuckles, M.S. ’14, is working as a lecture advisor in the psychology department at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.

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