Alumni reconnect at two informal gatherings

This month, alumni in Chicago and on the East Coast gathered at informal meet-ups to enjoy pizza and reminisce about their time at Erikson.

Chicago alumni gathering

On November 14, Chicago-area alumni and families met at Gino’s East.

[img_caption src=”×330.jpg” align=”right” alt=”Chicago alumni”]

Pictured in the first row, from left, are Iris Overstreet Strupp, Stephanie Bynum, and Kevin O’Brien. Second row, from left, are Irene Podrobinok, Rebecca Waterstone Halperin, Amanda Armstrong, Melissa Segovia, Freda Monu-O’Donoghue, and Nick O’Donoghue.

East Coast alumni gathering

On November 15, East Coast alumni gathered at John’s Pizzeria in New York City.

[img_caption src=”×330.jpg” align=”right” alt=”New York alumni”]

Pictured are Julian Ho (from New York), Lauren Reading (from New Jersey), and Maria Conticelli (from Washington, D.C.).

Interested in connecting with alumni in your area? Contact Erikson at (312) 893-7113.