Annual Career Fair draws Erikson graduate students looking for early childhood jobs

With graduation right around the corner, many Erikson Institute graduate students have started thinking about what comes next, and the excitement of finding new jobs in the early childhood field brought more than 50 of them to Erikson’s annual Career Fair.

The event was an opportunity to meet with representatives from more than 20 agencies and organizations in Chicago and beyond in the areas of child development, infancy, early childhood education, family services, and social work.

“I’m really looking forward to this new phase in life,” said Cristina Gonzales del Riego, who will graduate in May with a master’s degree in child development with an infancy and administration specialization.

Résumés in hand, she explained that she is hoping to impact children and families through research, which she has taken a liking to since working with Erikson professor Jon Korfmacher, Ph.D. Currently, she is helping study home visiting programs statewide that are funded by the Illinois State Board of Education.

For employers, the event gave them a chance to meet potential new hires trained at the nation’s premier graduate school in child development. In the case of Emma Iverson, M.S., M.S.W. ’12, the Career Fair meant returning to her alma mater as an employer seeking new talent.

“I’m excited to reconnect with the Erikson community,” said Iverson, who is now a mental health professional at Fraser, a Minneapolis-based child and family service organization. “Just in my division, there are three Erikson alumni. The Erikson approach to early childhood just seems to fit well with my organization’s work.”

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