Board Chair’s Message: Thank you for joining me in supporting Erikson

From the Board Chair

I am so honored to thank you for your support of children and families through the extraordinary work of Erikson Institute.

[img_caption align=”right” caption=”Michelle L.Collins” alt=”Michelle L.Collins”]My love for Erikson began when I was a little girl. Running up and down the hallways leading to my dad’s dentist office — which shared the same building as Erikson — I would inevitably cross paths with Erikson students, faculty, and staff members.

Even at that age, I was impressed with my parents’ explanation of how Erikson helped young children, especially those in trauma-inducing environments. At the same time, when I visited the public school where my mom taught, I was struck by how few resources the students and teachers had. Those experiences helped instill in me a strong commitment to advocating on behalf of those who often don’t have a voice.

As a sign of that commitment as well as my deep affection for Erikson, I agreed to join the board in 1996. From this vantage point, I have had the privilege to see firsthand the incredible impact Erikson and its alumni have had on so many, beginning with the most vulnerable children.

Erikson’s important work is only made possible because of your generous support. In 2013–14, Erikson received more than 550 gifts, which provided $7.2 million in support for its work with children, families, and early childhood professionals.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a huge difference. This year alone, gifts to Erikson:

Thank you for joining me in supporting Erikson and all its work on behalf of children and families. Together, we will help all children reach their full potential.

Michelle L. Collins
Chair, Board of Trustees