Board Chair’s Message: Thank you for making Erikson’s work possible

From the Board Chair

Learning begins at birth. Within a few days, babies recognize familiar voices and faces. Within a few years, their vocabulary can include more than 1,000 words. By third grade, many children can count to 1,000 and solve problems independently. These years — from birth to eight years old — are the most critical, formative years of a person’s life.

[img_caption align=”right” caption=”Kate Neisser” alt=”Kate Neisser”]Erikson’s work in these important early years happens because of you.

  • You make possible the highest quality preparation for our 350 students who devote themselves to working with children and families.
  • You make possible Erikson’s work in Chicago Public Schools, which reaches 700 teachers and 13,100 students directly and countless more indirectly.
  • You make possible our support for more than 600 children and families each year at the Center for Children and Families, and you keep the Fussy Baby Network’s warmline staffed and ready to take parents’ and caregivers’ calls.

In 2012–13, nearly 800 individuals, families, foundations, and corporations gave $6.9 million to support our work with children, families, and early childhood professionals.

Together, we are making a difference in so many lives, here in Chicago and around the world.

On behalf of Erikson and kids, many thanks.

Kate Neisser
Chair, Board of Trustees