Bromer named to CPS truancy task force

[img_caption src=”×175.jpg” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Juliet Bromer” alt=”a great alt”]Juliet Bromer was recently named to the Truancy in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Task Force by Illinois governor Pat Quinn. The task force is charged with identifying strategies and approaches to help educators and CPS administration address truancy problems in the City of Chicago.

The task force was proposed following a Chicago Tribune report revealing that nearly 32,000 Chicago students in grades K-8 miss at least a month of class during the school year. Quinn says it will “look at the evidence and work hand-in-hand with my administration and Chicago Public School staff to turn the page and get all Chicago students in school and on the way to a bright future.”

Early childhood perspective can help tackle truancy

Bromer, an assistant research scientist at Erikson’s Herr Research Center for Children and Social Policy, will bring an early childhood perspective to the commission.

“We need to reach children and families at a young age in order to tackle truancy issues in later grades,” says Bromer. “When parents are involved at school and familiar with teachers and principals, they begin to feel the schools are there for them, too, and are a safe and supportive environment for the entire family.”

“If we don’t reach families, we won’t reach children,” she adds.

PRESS RELEASE: Governor Quinn Makes Key Appointments to Truancy in Chicago Public Schools Task Force