Center for Children and Families celebrates five years of service

In January, the Center for Children and Families celebrated five years of providing family-centered assessment and treatment to the greater Chicago area.

[img_caption src=”×179.jpg” align=”right” alt=”Therapist and child”]During that time, the Center’s interdisciplinary team of specialists has seen more than 1,700 families.

Read what some families had to say on the most recent satisfaction survey:

  • • “Chicago is fortunate to have such a remarkable center that offers excellent care/help to families and children!”
  • “I believe that a child who is struggling in any area is able to get support at Erikson. My whole family loves and adores [our therapist]. She has had a positive impact on each of our lives. She is caring, concerned, and completely knowledgeable in her field.”
  • “We have had a good experience as a family here and appreciate their commitment to providing [a Spanish] interpreter.”
  • “We are lucky to be here!”

These responses are anonymous, and the families gave permission to share these comments.

For more information or a referral to the Center, visit the Center’s website or call (312) 893-7119.