This article appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Erikson on Children under the headline "Five years and counting." More from this issue

In January, the Center for Children and Families celebrated five years of providing family-centered assessment and treatment to the greater Chicago area.

During that time, the Center’s interdisciplinary team of specialists has seen more than 1,700 families.

Read what some families had to say on the most recent satisfaction survey:

  • • “Chicago is fortunate to have such a remarkable center that offers excellent care/help to families and children!”
  • “I believe that a child who is struggling in any area is able to get support at Erikson. My whole family loves and adores [our therapist]. She has had a positive impact on each of our lives. She is caring, concerned, and completely knowledgeable in her field.”
  • “We have had a good experience as a family here and appreciate their commitment to providing [a Spanish] interpreter.”
  • “We are lucky to be here!”

These responses are anonymous, and the families gave permission to share these comments.

For more information or a referral to the Center, visit the Center’s website or call (312) 893-7119.