Crain's Chicago Business attends Erikson luncheon

[img_caption src=”” align=”right” caption=”Cari Sacks and Amy Rule” alt=”photo of Sacks and Rule”]Crain’s Chicago Business society reporter Lisa Bertagnoli covered Erikson’s first luncheon, Children at the Forefront.

The event “packed a video, an award, and a Harvard lecture into 105 minutes,” Bertagnoli notes in her article. She continues:

“The luncheon honoree, James Heckman, was given the Spirit of Erikson Award for his work in demonstrating the positive economic effects of early childhood education.

“That mantra — the earlier, the better for education — continued with Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, professor of education at Harvard University. In a rich, clear voice that commanded attention, she delivered a three-point plan for revamping education in this country. ‘This is big work,’ she said as the audience rose to applaud her 20-minute address.”

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