Dr. Donohue: Encourage children to engage with technology by becoming media makers

Chip Donohue, Ph.D., director of Erikson Institute’s Technology in Early Childhood Center, recently spoke with the Council for Professional Recognition’s Council Blog about his research, a new way of thinking about “screen time,” and how parents and educators can encourage children to engage with technology.

Dr. Donohue says when children become media makers, the lessons are incredible: “[Technology is] a powerful tool for kids to tell their story, to document what they’ve learned, to show you something about their world. They are already learning at 4 years old that they can tell a story and their story has value, and they can click the button and send the story to the grandparents and communicate with others about it. To me these are the lasting lessons: I’m in charge, I’m a media maker, I create content, I don’t just consume it, we’ve got these tools that are amazing when given the right opportunities.”

Council Blog: A Proactive Approach to Technology in Early Education