Early Math Collaborative receives CINDY award

A film featuring Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative received a Cinema in Industry (CINDY) award for programming that achieves the highest levels of excellence.

Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood,” a film created in collaboration with Fran Davidson and Davidson Films, showcases how early math learning works in pre-k settings.

Filming in classrooms where the Collaborative works, Davidson captured images of rich, developmentally appropriate mathematics experiences for young children. The film was written and narrated by the Collaborative’s Jeanine Brownell, Jie-Qi Chen, and Jennifer McCray.

Film shows importance of meaningful math concepts

“With the growing attention to the importance of pre-k education, we expect that this film will continue to introduce teachers to the importance and pleasure of providing young children with meaningful mathematical concepts,” Fran Davidson says.

Presented by the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators, CINDY awards honor films with excellent production value and message effectiveness. For this year’s regional and international events, more than 8,200 entries from around the world were judged, covering 160 subject-matter categories of media.

Watch an excerpt of the award-winning film: