Early Math Project stars in new teacher education film

Erikson’s Early Mathematics Education Project is featured in the new teacher education film “Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood” produced by Davidson Films.

Image: Jie-Qi Chen in a preschool classroom

Professor Jie-Qi Chen in a preschool classroom

Shot at Erikson and in five Chicago-area prekindergarten classrooms, the film shows how teachers can help young children develop the foundation for complex mathematical thinking and lifelong learning.

“Young children are eager, curious, and capable of learning math, but need the guidance of confident and knowledgeable teachers,” says Jie-Qi Chen, professor and principal investigator of the Early Mathematics Education Project. “We hope the film helps teachers become more intentional about math teaching and begin to understand how to mathematize children’s daily experiences.”

In the film, Chen, along with Jennifer McCray and Jeanine Brownell, share five crucial “big ideas” of early mathematics and ideas for creating rich, developmentally appropriate experiences in the classroom.

Watch a preview of the film: