Educators must understand tech before using it with kids, Donohue says

[img_caption src=”” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Chip Donohue” alt=”Photo: TEC Center director Chip Donohue”]In a story by KBIA Mid-Missouri Public Radio, Chip Donohue, director of Erikson’s TEC Center, talked about helping educators use technology in the classroom.

Donohue says the first step for teachers is to be sure they understand the technology themselves.

“We’ve got to do our homework first before we can help the kids,” he says, adding that teachers at all education levels need to accept the idea that technology can enhance learning.

Donohue says an iPad can be a tool for learning, “not a more important tool than any other, and not a less important tool than any another, just a tool.”

KBIA: Educators Gather to Address Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom