Erikson begins M.S.W. program with 21 students

The first cohort of Erikson’s M.S.W. program began this fall semester with 21 students.

After years of preparation, Erikson faculty and staff were thrilled to start the program’s very first classes. Along with the new students, the Institute welcomed two new faculty members to teach courses for the program.

[img_caption src=”” caption=”The first M.S.W. cohort” align=”center” alt=”photo of MSW class”]

Program offers unique perspective

“We saw an opportunity to offer something unique by infusing a developmental perspective across the social work curriculum,” says program director Susan Knight.

Erikson’s M.S.W. integrates social work competencies with interdisciplinary knowledge of child development, preparing students to address and advocate for families’ often complex needs. Students also take child development classes to gain a solid foundation for understanding development across the life span.