Erikson presents at the NAEYC annual conference

[img_caption src=”×215.jpg” link=”” align=”right” alt=”NAEYC Annual Conference Program Book Cover”]Join Erikson faculty and staff at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference, November 20–23, 2013, for presentations on topics ranging from early childhood technology to teaching early math.

Visit the conference website for the complete session details.

Wednesday, November 20

  • Bringing Stories to Life Across the Curriculum: Strategies for Storytelling and Creative Dramatics
    Mary Hynes-Berry
    Erikson Institute

Thursday, November 21

  • Playing with Tech to Learn About Tech: Hands-on Approaches for Selecting, Using, Integrating, and Evaluating Technology for Young Learners
    Amanda Armstrong and Chip Donohue
    TEC Center at Erikson Institute

Friday, November 22

  • ¿De Qué Tanto Estamos Hablando? Ideas Importantes en el área de Medir por Medio de Exploración Matemática, Análisis
    de Video, Literatura Infantil, y Ejemplos de Salones de Clases

    This session will be presented in Spanish.
    Rebeca Itzkowich and Lisa Ginet
    Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute
  • It’s Real PD and It’s on the Web: Essential Elements of Effective, Engaging, and Empowering Online Professional Development
    Chip Donohue and Amanda Armstrong
    TEC Center at Erikson Institute
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Early Mathematics (PCK-EM): What is It and How is It Useful?
    Yinna Zhang, Jennifer McCray, and Jie-Qi Chen
    Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute