In Erikson study, early signs show mindfulness has positive impact on students

Chicago teachers have noticed numerous improvements in their classrooms since introducing mindfulness techniques to help students cope with toxic stress and focus on learning, says Amanda Moreno, Ph.D., assistant professor at Erikson Institute.

“Many teachers tell us that outbursts and tantrums are down, and instructional minutes are up, due to the fact that mindfulness breaks make transitions go much more smoothly,” Dr. Moreno says in a new article published in the Huffington Post. “One assistant principal told us that he felt the program was responsible for that year’s test score improvements, because they all did mindfulness techniques at the beginning of the testing sessions.”

The Huffington Post article looks at how mindfulness is being introduced in schools across the country as a way to help students self-regulate in the face of stress. The story highlights Erikson’s research on the use of mindfulness interventions in Chicago Public Schools classrooms, led by Dr. Moreno, as one example of how educators are coming to understand the impact mindfulness can have on their students.

In the article, Dr. Moreno notes that although data from Erikson’s research won’t be available until 2019, early anecdotal results suggest that mindfulness is having a positive effect.

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