Erikson welcomes M.S.W. faculty

Professors Tonya Bibbs and Ashley Curry joined the faculty this fall to teach students in the inaugural cohort of Erikson’s M.S.W. program.

[img_caption src=”” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Tonya Bibbs” alt=”Photo of Tonya Bibbs”]Tonya Bibbs joins the faculty as an assistant professor. A recent graduate of Erikson’s doctoral program and an experienced licensed clinical social worker, Bibbs’s research interests focus on the normative positive development of children of color and immigrant children.

Since 2006, she has worked at Erikson as an adjunct professor, student adviser, and director of Erikson’s Illinois State Board of Education Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, among other projects. Bibbs also was a member of the planning group that developed Erikson’s M.S.W. program.

[img_caption src=”” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Ashley Curry” alt=”Photo of Ashley Curry”]Ashley Curry joins the faculty as a clinical assistant professor. She earned her doctoral degree from the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration. Curry is a licensed clinical social worker with over 16 years of practice experience in crisis intervention, diagnostic assessment, psychotherapy, and case management.

Curry has provided clinical supervision within the fields of mental health, child welfare, and substance abuse in a variety of community-based and inpatient treatment settings. While at the University of Chicago, Curry taught the core clinical practice course required for all first year master’s students, and an advanced clinical practice course that she developed and conceptualized.