Erikson Year in Review, 2011–12

The generous support of Erikson’s donors, alumni, and friends enables us to advance our mission of improving the lives of children and families.

Below are some highlights from 2011–12.

[img_caption src=”×193.jpg” align=”center” alt=”Birth to Eight Years Old: The first years of life matter most, as they shape a child’s capacity to learn, work, and love. That’s why Erikson focuses exclusively on these years.”]

[img_caption src=”×562.jpg” align=”center” alt=”Erikson’s reach, 2011-12: Children, families, and professionals annually served by Erikson. 4,000 Chicago Public School students served by Erikson faculty, staff, and students. Erikson partners with some 65 CPS schools and 275 teachers and staff in 2011-12. 475 Families served by the Center for Children and Families. 355 Master’s, doctoral, and certificate students studied child development and early childhood education at Erikson. 800 Professionals took continuing education courses at Erikson. 6,277 Children and families helped by Erikson staff as part of our management of the Early Childhood Unit of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.”]

[img_caption src=”×362.jpg” align=”center” alt=”What the Annual Fund Supports: Unrestricted support enables Erikson to fund the four key dimensions of our mission. 47% Prepare the best. 30% Support families. 15% Create new knowledge. 8% Transform schools. Where the funding comes from: Erikson relies on private contributions from families, corporations, and foundations to fund its work with young children and their families. 45% Private gifts and grants. 26% Federal, state, and city grants. 18% Tuition. 11% Other.”]

[img_caption src=”×41376.jpg” align=”center” alt=”Erikson’s Students: Our students come to us with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 95% Women. 31% Students of color. 31 Average age. 21– 63 Age range. 26 States represented. 9 Countries represented (outside U.S.). Accurate as of September 2012.”]

[img_caption src=”×19263.jpg” align=”center” alt=”Erikson provides more than $1.2 million in grants and scholarships to enable students to attend and stay through graduation. These funds are provided by donors and Erikson.”]

[img_caption src=”×394.jpg” align=”center” alt=”Where Alumni Work: Distribution of alumni by professions serving young children and families 48% Education. 19% Family/social services. 13% Preschool/childcare. 9% Health services. 3% Research/policy. 2% Government. 6% Other. Source: 2009 alumni survey. All 2011 Erikson alumni looking for jobs accepted positions in their fields.”]