Date: Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Contact: TEC Center, [email protected]

Venue: Erikson Institute, Polk Bros. Lecture Hall, Room 201

Address: 451 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL, United States  Map

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Join us on Erikson’s campus as three educators explore appropriate and innovative ways to integrate technology into schools in support of young children’s learning.

Jennifer Magiera, Tricia Fuglestad, NBCT, and Erikson graduate Erin Stanfill, NBCT, M.S. ’11, will discuss their approaches to bringing technology into the classroom. Drawing on their extensive and diverse teaching experiences, they will demonstrate how digital tools can enhance early learning, support teaching goals, and improve teaching practice.


Jennifer Magiera

Jennie Magiera is the digital learning coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership (a network of 25 Chicago Public Schools) and previously taught math to fourth and fifth graders.

As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher, and Chicago Public School’s 2012 Tech Innovator of the Year, Jennie has been working to redefine education through effective technology use. She explores how to leverage 1:1 devices such as Chromebooks and iPads to increase student metacongition, self-efficacy, and creativity.

Aside from her students, Jennie’s great loves in life are sci-fi, mashed potatoes, Tabasco sauce, her dog, and her husband. Follow Jennie on Twitter at @MsMagiera or through her blog Teaching Like It’s 2999.

Tricia Fuglestad

Tricia Fuglestad, NBCT, is a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary art teacher at Dryden Elementary School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, with a master’s degree in K-12 technology integration.

She was honored with the PBS Teachers Innovation Award in 2010, Illinois Art Teacher of the Year in 2011, Golden Apple Foundation’s Teacher of Distinction in 2012, and Western Region Elementary Art Teacher of the Year in 2013.

Her students’ art has been shown in state and national art shows and featured in college art education textbooks. Fugleflicks, art-related student-created videos, have been shown in international film festivals and have won many awards including second place in the National McGraw-Hill STEMie awards for a rotoscope animation project on iPads. Visit the Dryden Elementary art website at

Erin Stanfill

Erin Stanfill, NBCT, M.S. ’11, is a pre-K teacher in the tuition-based preschool program at Burley Elementary School in Chicago and created a model classroom for Children’s Literacy Initiative, an early childhood curriculum company.

Erin previously served as a Head Start preschool teacher at Goudy Elementary School. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, she traveled to Reggio Emilia three years ago.

Erin has increasingly integrated technology into her classroom over the past several years and enjoys sharing ideas with other teachers by presenting at conferences and coaching teachers across Chicago. Erin is a graduate of Erikson Institute.