Events related to Erikson's academic programs.

December 2016

  • 8th (Thursday)

    Fall semester online classes end

  • 15th (Thursday)

    Fall semester on-campus classes end

  • 16th (Friday)

    Winter break (December 16-January 9)

January 2017

  • 6th (Friday)

    Spring semester online classes begin

  • 9th (Monday)

    Spring semester on-campus classes begin

  • 13th (Friday)

    Add/drop period ends

  • 13th (Friday)

    Spring semester tuition due

  • 14th (Saturday)

  • 16th (Monday)

    Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

  • 30th (Monday)

    Last day to submit approved rewrites of papers from Fall 2016 courses or to complete requirements for Fall 2016 courses for which a grade of ‘I’ or ‘NG’ was submitted

February 2017

March 2017

  • 6th (Monday)

    Spring Break (March 6-10)

  • 20th (Monday)

    Priority registration for Summer & Fall 2017 begins

  • 24th (Friday)

    Last day to withdraw from a class with a “W” grade

April 2017

  • 8th (Saturday)

    Comprehensive exam

  • 27th (Thursday)

    Spring semester online classes end

May 2017

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