Faculty and staff present at AERA Annual Meeting

[img_caption src=”https://www.erikson.edu/wp-content/uploads/AERA_Logo.png” align=”right” alt=“AERA logo”]A number of Erikson faculty, staff, and students will participate in the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting in Philadelphia from April 4-7.

Topics range from urban children’s literature to innovations in professional development. Visit the conference website for complete details.

Friday, April 4

How Housing and Neighborhood Contexts Shape Children’s Educational Outcomes
Robert Halpern
Halpern serves as discussant in a presidential session covering such topics as how residential decisions impact educational outcomes and how violence in the community makes its way into schools.

Saturday, April 5

Innovations in Early Childhood Professional Development
Gillian McNamee, Christine Maxwell, Jie-Qi Chen, Jennifer McCray
This session highlights innovative professional development design and implementation principles, and illustrates the powerful impact they have on educator learning and practice.

Sunday, April 6

Impact of Students’ Characteristics & Motivation on Literacy Competencies
Jane Fleming
Fleming presents an update to her study on the dearth of familiar images for young Latino readers in transitional chapter book series, including implications for the development of reading fluency and stamina.

Monday, April 7

Using Fidelity Data to Improve Initiatives for Early Childhood Teachers
Jie-Qi Chen, Jennifer McCray, Suzanne Budak, Bilge Cerezci
Members of the Early Math Collaborative describe the implementation of a project funded by an i3 grant, and how they have been able to use data to make updates to program implementation that both increase program fidelity and effectiveness.