Full-day kindergarten shouldn't focus only on academics, McNamee says

[img_caption src=”https://www.erikson.edu/wp-content/uploads/mcnamee.jpg” link=”https://www.erikson.edu/about/directory/gillian-mcnamee/” align=”right” caption=”Gillian McNamee” alt=”Photo: Gillian McNamee”]Professor Gillian McNamee talked with the Pioneer Press, a division of the Chicago Tribune Media Group, about the benefits and challenges of all-day preschool.

Full-day kindergarten is not a problem in itself, McNamee says, but the challenge is “how we decide to structure the day and what activities children participate in.”

All-day kindergarten programs are often created to focus only on academic skills such as reading and math, but children also need opportunities for recess and the arts, McNamee adds.

Being able to paint, draw, listen to music, and participate in dramatization of stories “are important stepping stones to learn how to express ideas and to become strong readers and writers.”

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