She helps individuals with disabilities succeed

“The classes at Erikson never felt like instructor-led lectures, but more like a gathering of professionals engaging in deeply reflective dialogue. I have a great respect for the faculty at Erikson, as professionals and as people. Many of them served as mentors and resources with whom I still stay connected today.”

“When I began exploring and comparing graduate programs, it quickly became evident that Erikson was where I needed to be,” Killy says. “During my tour and interview, I recall taking in the environment and thinking, ‘This doesn’t feel like a campus, it feels like a professional learning community,’ and that was exactly the level of engagement I was seeking at that point in my career.”

Killy is now putting her Erikson knowledge to work at Aspire, a Chicagoland nonprofit whose mission is to support the successes of children and adults with developmental disabilities; strengthen their families; and build embracing, inclusive communities. There, she connects schools and community sites with Aspire Kids’ tools and resources they need to be more inclusive of children with disabilities.

“I’m confident that my Erikson experience contributed to the trajectory of my career path,” Killy says. “From classroom teacher, to educational consultant, to manager of a consulting service line, I’ve been able to broaden the positive impact I create with each step forward in my career.”