Increased early childhood and education funding is critical for Illinois, says Nagle

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner called for increasing funding for early childhood and K-12 education in his State of the State address today.

“Let’s talk about the most important thing we do together as a community — education. I promised to increase education funding and will keep that promise,” said Rauner. “From cradle to career, our children’s education needs to be our top priority.”

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Nagle calls for comprehensive supports for families

[img_caption src=”×1501.jpg” link=”” align=”right” alt=”Geoff Nagle”]Erikson president Geoff Nagle agrees that prioritizing education is critical and stresses the importance of starting with the youngest children.

“The research is clear: economic growth and the lifelong success of our children and families begins with investments in early childhood,” says Nagle. “Increased funding for children is an important first step toward a stronger state of Illinois, and will lead to a thriving Illinois economy.”

Nagle continues, “Like Governor Rauner, I too believe teachers have the most important job in the world outside of parents and that we must fund high-quality education. But we must also look at a child’s entire environment — at what happens inside and outside the classroom.

“We must build a comprehensive system of supports that address children’s and their families’ complex needs. We must invest in highly prepared teachers and early childhood professionals for these programs — professionals like the ones Erikson has educated for nearly 50 years.

“For our state and our nation to thrive, we must keep children at the forefront of all that we do. Giving all of our children a chance to reach their full potential is the most effective method we have for building a stronger, more competitive economy — and stronger families and communities — for Illinois.”

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