Independent evaluation praises Erikson’s online master’s program

Students in Erikson’s online master’s in early childhood education begin their studies passionate about early childhood education. They graduate as part of a close-knit community of like-minded professionals with the knowledge and practical skills they need to serve children and families.

But don’t just take our word for it. An independent evaluation of the program finds that Erikson is a model for online education.

Findings from the independent evaluation

Our online master’s program takes the best of our on-campus degree program—from our nationally respected faculty to our rigorous curriculum — and moves it online. In the evaluation, Erikson students described the program as an experience that immediately transformed their practice and challenged them to grow as professionals.

Screenshot for EriksonOnline, the website used for delivering Erikson's online course content

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The evaluation also confirmed that at Erikson, learning — even online learning — is not a solitary pursuit. Erikson intentionally uses video chats, discussion boards, social media, and other tools to help students develop strong bonds with their faculty and classmates. If any technology problems arise, Erikson’s staff is available to help.

Some areas for improvement were cited by students during the evaluation, including additional support for students who feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the program and those who are new to online learning and technologies used in the courses. Erikson has already taken steps to respond to the feedback, including expanding new student orientation and working with faculty to balance assignments between courses.

How Erikson is addressing student feedback [PDF, 2pg]

The evaluation was commissioned by The Boeing Company, which also provided funding to develop the online master’s, and conducted by Simone C.O. Conceição, Ph.D., an independent researcher with expertise in online teaching.

Download the full report [PDF, 26pg]