Interactive orientation helps new students prepare

[img_caption src=”” align=”right” caption=”Valerie Wiliams” alt=”photo of Valerie Williams”]This Saturday, Erikson will welcome 68 new students for the fall semester. Valerie Williams, associate director of admission and multicultural student affairs, explains why Erikson’s orientation is such an important process for incoming students.

What makes orientation so important at Erikson?

Because of the uniqueness and the special quality of being in a relationship-based program, we really focus on taking care of students right from the beginning. The key is that it gives students a snapshot of what to expect, and also ideas on how to handle what they’re going to experience.

What can students expect?

Orientation includes a lot of important information, but it’s also very interactive. New students have the opportunity to hear from a panel of current students who’ve gone through this experience before, as well as from faculty. The panel allows incoming students to learn key ideas on how to make the adjustment to life at Erikson, and learn tools and tips from current students.

[img_caption src=”” align=”right” alt=”photo of Erikson folders”]Later in the day, small group sessions will give students a chance to speak with someone in their specific specialization, and it’s a great opportunity to talk with someone who’s been where they’re going.

Special interest sessions include topics like the academic writing center, and show students how we’re here to support them while they’re at Erikson. Financial aid is another topic, where we give students ideas early on about how to not take on too much debt.

This sounds like a long day.

We do give students a lot of information, but it’s also a fun experience. The ice-cream social gives students a chance to meet each other and start that important journey that they’ll have here at Erikson.