Jordanian faculty travel to Erikson for professional development

In September, eight early childhood faculty members traveled from Jordan to Erikson for custom professional development seminars.

Vonda Jump, Ph.D., of Utah State University brought the group to Erikson as part of an USAID-funded project to strengthen Jordan’s undergraduate teacher preparation programs. The project encouraged the visiting faculty to learn about U.S. research on teaching best practices and to increase the practical application of what undergraduate students learn in the classroom.

“The faculty members all work with future kindergarten teachers, so I thought first of Erikson because of the great work that it does and its focus on the early childhood years,” says Jump. “Erikson’s seminars ended up being a fabulous match for the group.”

During the Jordanians’ two days at Erikson, Professor Pam Epley led a seminar on using assessment to enhance teaching practice. Senior Instructor Colette Davison presented on models and concepts for thinking about development and the role of kindergarten in social and emotional development. The faculty members also visited kindergarten classrooms at two Chicago Public Schools, Volta Elementary and Claremont Academy.

“The feedback I received from the faculty members was very positive,” says Jump. “They felt the seminars were just excellent, and they will be able to apply what they learned as soon as they arrive back in the classroom.”