Kindergarten test-prep doesn't work, Bowman says

[img_caption src=”×152.jpg” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Barbara T. Bowman” alt=”photo of Barbara Bowman”]Professor Barbara T. Bowman spoke with the Chicago Bureau about the value of preparing young children for kindergarten admission tests.

Comparing them with college test prep courses, Bowman says, “you can’t do that with four-year-olds. You can’t teach little kids a vocabulary list and have it be very helpful.”

Doing the hard work of education

According to the article, Bowman suggests shifting the selective enrollment test to third grade and providing standardized education from preschool until then.

“We know it works,” she is quoted as saying. “We know that when we put poor kids in preschool in good quality schools with highly trained teachers even in half-day programs that they come out closer to middle class kids in their school trajectory than children who don’t get put in. I think we need to stop looking for quick answers and start doing the hard work of education.”

CHICAGO BUREAU: New Year Ushers in Kindergarten Test-Prep for Selective Enrollment