Meisels: Common Core standards pose dilemmas for early childhood

Image: Samuel J. Meisels, President of Erikson

President Samuel J. Meisels

The Common Core State Standards seek to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn in kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms.

President Samuel J. Meisels, however, argues in a guest blog post for the Washington Post that the standards for kindergarten through 3rd grade don’t fit what educators know about young children’s learning and development.

Excerpt from the Washington Post blog post:

[T]he Common Core standards pose a set of significant dilemmas for early childhood. Although they’ve been embraced by states across the nation, top-down standards such as those in the Common Core distort early learning. They’re not sensitive to the learning patterns of young children and they impute too many of the skills of older children to those who are younger. If the difficulty level of the standards is too high, they won’t be used, and if the domains covered by the standards are too narrow, they will have no lasting value…..

The size of the stair matters in the race to the top. It is time to revise the standards before too many children trip over the threshold of learning.

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