Moderation is key to using technology with children, Donohue says

[img_caption src=”” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Chip Donohue, Ph.D.” alt=”Photo: TEC Center director Chip Donohue”]Chip Donohue, director of Erikson Institute’s TEC Center, talked with Tulsa World about how parents should think about technology in their homes.

He compared using technology to a diet: too much junk food is bad, but moderation is all right.

“These are teaching tools, and we have to figure out how to use them well and get the most out of them,” he says. Technology “should be an add-on, an enhancement.”

Donohue noted that devices shouldn’t replace other early learning activities, like playing outside or with toys.

“People think of these as isolating devices,” he adds. “Our work at Erikson is the opposite of that. How can these be enriching a child’s experience?”

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