Nagle discusses Louisiana's innovative school readiness tax credits at reporter forum

[img_caption src=”×150.jpg” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Geoffrey A. Nagle” alt=”photo of Nagle”]Erikson president Geoffrey A. Nagle spoke last month at an Education Writers Association seminar about creative ways that have been adopted to boost public funds for preschool.

Nagle’s advocacy while director of the Tulane Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health led to laws creating Louisiana’s School Readiness Tax Credits.

The tax credits were developed after Hurricane Katrinia, when the urgent need for innovative solutions became apparent. The program allows parents, child care providers, teachers, and businesses that support child care to receive tax credits based on the quality of that care.

“It was the storm more than anything that allowed it to happen,” he says, calling the tax program Katrina’s “tiny silver lining.”

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