Nagle profiled in the Chronicle of Higher Education

[img_caption src=”×150.jpg” link=”” align=”right” caption=”Geoffrey A. Nagle” alt=”photo of Geoffrey Nagle”]New president Geoffrey A. Nagle spoke to the Chronicle of Higher Education about taking the helm of Erikson, and what originally drew him to the early childhood field.

Recalling his volunteer work with orphaned children in South and Central America, Nagle says, “I saw a lot of needs of young children out there and not a lot of knowledge of how best to support [them].”

That experience, among others, inspired Nagle to study early childhood development and, ultimately, advocate for some of the most vulnerable children and families.

Nagle also identifies his early goals for Erikson, which include strengthening the Institute’s financial standing and supporting its new Master of Social Work program.

CHRONICLE OF HIGHER ED: Advocate for Children Leads a Graduate School for Childhood Development
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