Neisser Library launches digital photo archive

[img_caption src=”” link=”” align=”right” alt=”photo: Wallach, Bowman, Piers”]Erikson’s Edward Neisser Library launched its online photo archive this month. Complementing Erikson’s physical archive, begun last year, the online archive showcases images throughout the Institute’s history going back to its first days in 1966.

“We want to make the history of Erikson available to people who might not be able to come to the building and look at documents in person,” says librarian Alyssa Vincent.

The archive is made possible through Erikson’s membership with the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI), a repository for digital content created by member libraries in the state.

We need your help!

“Our photos are unique to CARLI’s digital collections, as there is no other institute in Illinois quite like Erikson,” Vincent says, adding that the library welcomes additional submissions of photos from Erikson events, campus life, or of its various prior locations.

Many of the photos in the archive had little or no identifying information. If you know an unnamed person in any of the photos, don’t hesitate to email Alyssa Vincent at [email protected] with that information.