New America Foundation report highlights Erikson's New Schools Project

[img_caption src=”” align=”right” alt=”New American report cover”]Erikson was highlighted in a New America Foundation report on winners of federal early education grants.

Erikson’s New Schools Project is a partner in the University of Minnesota’s Investing in Innovation (i3) grant to expand Child-Parent Centers from Chicago to public schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Erikson develops and delivers innovative online and in-person professional development for CPCs in Chicago, Normal, Illinois, and St. Paul (Minnesota) Public Schools

Promising results

According to the report, preliminary results are promising.

“Children who participated in all three defining elements of Child-Parent Centers – full-day pre-K, high family involvement, and enrollment at centers with full-time outreach staff – had a rate of chronic absences” 65 percent lower than students in programs without all three elements, the report notes.

The grant’s biggest questions won’t be answered for 30 years, when researchers will see whether results of a landmark study of Chicago’s first CPCs have been replicated. That study reported students who spent four to six years at a Child-Parent Center were more likely to graduate from high school and reach higher socio-economic status, and less likely to have been arrested or incarcerated.

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