New Schools Project names new director

[img_caption link=”” align=”right” caption=”Linda Ponce de León” alt=”Linda Ponce de León”]Linda Ponce de León recently joined Erikson as the director of the New Schools Project.

She has more than 20 years of leadership experience in school settings and systems in Chicago, the Midwest, and the San Francisco Bay area, including serving as the founding principal of Chicago’s Erie Elementary Charter School, which is a long-time New Schools Project partner school.

A graduate of Harvard University, her work focuses on early childhood, school change, and innovation for young learners, teachers, and administrators

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“Linda’s vision of an equitable future for all children complements Erikson’s vision perfectly,” says Aisha Ray, senior vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty.

“In addition, her deep understanding of the complex issues involved in school change, her knowledge of teacher development, and her history of leadership in Chicago make her the perfect choice to lead the New Schools Project.”

Erikson’s New Schools Project partners with Chicago Public Schools to promote educational excellence in prekindergarten through 3rd grade.
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