Nominate an Illinois Leader

Erikson Institute’s Early Childhood Leadership Academy (ECLA) is seeking nominations for the McCormick Foundation Executive Fellows (MFEF) program, which will be held August 5-7, 2020 and September 23-25, 2020.

The program provides Illinois leaders in the legislative, justice, educational, and governmental sectors with a dynamic learning experience and comprehensive understanding of the long-term benefits of quality early childhood experiences.

Over the course of two multi-day sessions, participants gain insight on the latest research from field experts as well as learn directly from early childhood providers through Service Day–a half day of shadowing professionals at both home- and center-based programs.

The experience enhances the capacity of participants who influence policy, advocate for public resources, and shape educational programs to more effectively lead, intervene, and advocate on behalf of children and families in Illinois.


The fellowship program is designed for elected officials such as legislators, city and county government officials, judges and state’s attorneys, and school board members as well as senior leaders of state agencies, school district superintendents, and law enforcement officials. The program also seeks to engage leaders from the health and media sectors.

Ideal candidates should be influential professionals responsible for one or more of the following:

  • Making decisions about resource allocations and funding of programs that serve children and families;
  • Making recommendations for changes in policies, programs and practices;
  • Protecting public safety of children and families;
  • Improving student outcomes; and
  • Improving the effectiveness of juvenile and family courts.

Candidates must be available to attend both sessions in August and September. To nominate, please complete the online form and include the candidate’s resume or CV by Friday, May 8, 2020.

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