Obama outlines comprehensive plan for supporting the youngest children

President Barack Obama outlined his plan to make affordable, quality child care available to working and middle-class families with young children during Tuesday’s State of the Union speech and today’s speech at the University of Kansas.

The plan includes:

  • Increased investments in the Child Care and Development Fund that helps every eligible family with young children afford high-quality child care.
  • Tripling the maximum child care tax credit to $3,000 per young child.
  • Creating a new innovation fund to help states design programs that better serve families that face unique challenges in finding quality care, such as those in rural areas or working non-traditional hours.

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President Nagle applauds investment in young children

[img_caption src=”https://www.erikson.edu/wp-content/uploads/Geoff-Nagle-175×1501.jpg” link=”https://www.erikson.edu/about/directory/geoffrey-nagle/” align=”right” alt=”Geoff Nagle”]”The best investments we can make as a country are in the potential of our young children,” says Geoff Nagle, president of Erikson Institute. “President Obama’s proposals for investing in high-quality child care and early childhood development will do just that, ensuring our country’s future by investing in human capital.”

Nagle also notes that President Obama’s comprehensive proposals for early childhood have the potential to make a significant difference for children and families.

“To truly support early childhood, we have to think in terms of the entire system,” he says. “We can’t move the needle with just programs. I see what the president is proposing as the next piece of a comprehensive, systemic approach to providing children with the opportunity to reach their full potential and that will ultimately lead to a thriving America.

“Erikson believes that all children deserve this opportunity to reach their full potential, and this is an important next step in providing children with this opportunity. We greatly appreciate that the president continues to keep children at the forefront of the national conversation.”