Opening Minds sessions presented by Erikson faculty and staff

[img_caption src=”×124.jpg” link=”” align=”right” alt=”Cover inset from Opening Minds conference program showing the conference logo and name of the conference”]Join Erikson faculty and staff at Opening Minds: The Chicago Early Education, Child Care, & School-Age Conference hosted by the Chicago Metro Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC), January 23–26.

Erikson will be presenting on topics ranging from Confucian tradition to technology in early education.

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Sessions by Erikson faculty and staff

Wednesday, January 23

Every Operation Tells a Story
Mary Hynes-Berry, Erikson
Using authentic “math all around us” story problems to develop foundational understanding of what it means to join, separate, compare, and equalize sets in reference to their numerosity.

Illinois Nature World Forum
Liza Sullivan, Erikson
Learn what one mother and early childhood professional discovered on her journey to connect children with nature. Over three years, Sullivan and her children visited more than 200 natural playspaces across the Chicago area.

Thursday, January 24

Enhancing Adult/Child Interactions Across the Curriculum Using Art
Dori Jacobsohn, Erikson
Anna Miller, Wayne State University
Learn how a teaching strategy for facilitating discussions about visual art works was used to enhance the adult/child interactions across the classroom curriculum in an urban early childhood center.

Saturday, January 26

Childhood Teaching and Learning from Confucian Tradition
Jie-Qi Chen, Erikson
Using video clips of Chinese preschools, this presentation introduces the early childhood teaching and learning practices based on Confucian traditions. Specific topics include constructive criticism in the early years, the
content of pretend play, and center-based teacher professional development.

De que tanto estamos hablando? Ideas Importantes en el Area de Medir
Rebeca Itzkowich, Erikson
Donna Johnson, Erikson
Que tienen que entender los ninos acera de los principios de la medicion que son la base de los procedimientos para medir? En este taller interactivo vamos a explorar la medicion como herramienta para pensar matematicamente.

How Much Are We Talking About? Big Ideas of Measurement
Lisa Ginet, Erikson
Donna Johnson, Erikson
How do children come to understand the measurement principles that underlie measurement procedures? In this hands-on session, we will explore measurement as a tool for mathematical thinking.

The Importance of Utilizing an Interdisciplinary Approach when Completing Early Childhood Evaluations
Yvette Gonzalez, Erikson
Anne Powers, Erikson
The presentation will focus on advantages of using an interdisciplinary approach: highlighting the value of different professional perspectives and increased accuracy of diagnostic impressions.

Transcending Through Technology: Integrating Technology in Young Children’s Daily Lives
Amanda Armstrong, Erikson
This workshop is designed to provide educators in various settings with ideas and resources to help guide their decisions of using technology with young children.

Exhibit Hall

While at the conference, come visit Erikson in the exhibit hall. Representatives from the Center for Children and Families will be on hand, as well as Admission staff.