Parents and caregivers are In the Loop

From picky eating and trouble sleeping to attachment issues and sibling rivalry, parents and caregivers with questions about their children found answers and support at special drop-in sessions held at Chicago Children’s Museum.

Image: Keri Grossman with a mother and child

Keri Grossman (right) speaks with a mother and child

Every Friday from February to May 2012, child development experts from Erikson’s Center for Children and Families and Chicago Children’s Museum hosted special sessions called “In the Loop.”

“Each session was incredibly electric,” says Keri Grossman, program coordinator for the Center’s counseling services. “We created a supportive space for children and their caregivers, where they could ask anything and feel secure in sharing their concerns with child development experts and with each other.”

Between 20 and 50 children and adults attended each session, for a total of 900 attendees over the course of the program, including a core group of 15 who came nearly every week. Sessions took place in the museum’s Pritzker Playspace area, designed exclusively for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

“Caring for children can be very isolating,” says Grossman. “But parents have so many questions about their child’s development — both when their child is developing normally and when there’s an issue. We support parents in both situations, as even normal development can be a bumpy ride for families.”