Parents have to know how to advocate for their child, says Salter

Romeldia Salter, project coordinator of the Early Childhood Disabilities Transition Project, appeared on CAN TV21 to talk about about the project’s collaboration with Early Head Start programs and answer questions about how parents can best navigate them.

Romeldia Salter

Romeldia Salter

Salter spoke with Susan Reyna-Guerrero, CEO and president of Beacon Therapeutic. The project’s staff members work with Early Head Start programs like Beacon to identify additional opportunities to provide support for families of children with disabilities.

“Parents have a say in how much progress they want their child to have,” says Salter. “It’s very critical for them to understand what questions they need to ask.”

The Early Childhood Disabilities Project is a collaboration between the Chicago Department of Family Support Services and the Center for Children and Families at Erikson Institute.

VIDEO: Romeldia Salter on CAN-TV