Partnership with Teach for America will prepare new teachers with deep knowledge about child development

Erikson Institute is now Teach For America’s new early childhood partner for the Chicago and Northwestern Indiana region. TFA Corps members will gain a strong understanding of child development with their teaching preparation that they will apply to their work in classrooms across the Chicago area. Through a new alternative teaching licensure master’s degree program, TFA students at Erikson will work as classroom teachers as they complete their degree.

The new two-year partnership will prepare new teachers with an educational program that will focus on knowledge about child development and how young children learn and grow. The goal of our teacher education program is to prepare licensed teachers to work in early childhood programs, and the new alternative licensure program makes this possible in new ways.

Erikson is distinguished through its educational programs that provide a thorough and in-depth understanding of young children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and their development in the context of home, family, and community. As such, the new partnership holds the potential to make a positive impact in the classrooms where TFA Corps members work. Corps members are hired to work with young children in the highest-need schools and community-based organizations in the Chicago area.

TFA corps members will enroll in classes beginning in the summer of 2017 and will complete the same requirements as other Erikson master’s candidates in a program that will be heavily influenced by Erikson’s core ideas and practices to support young teachers whose first assignments will be in high-needs classrooms. TFA Corps members will receive the same foundational knowledge in child development as other master’s candidates with the same instruction in methods, licensure exam, and comprehensive exam, and they will be able to earn a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education with Bilingual and ESL endorsements.